Thursday, 24 May 2012

To my BFG

My Grandpa recently passed away from cancer and it really has made me stop and think about my life and the world around me. Grandpa was in his 80's and still walking, playing golf, tennis and swimming not to mention all the other things he did. He had a passion for the outdoors and walking his dogs and now I have my gorgeous dog Tilly I too am walking every day and noticing the smallest changes that happen as leaves uncurl and bluebells sway in the breeze. It's a privilege to be in this world and have the time to remember my grandpa. I wrote a poem for him the day he died

It's been a while

The London marathon is done and dusted and a massive £2,200 roundabouts has been raised by my truely amazing friends and family. I loved, loved, loved the marathon. The day was electric and the crowds made it inspiring to be part of, so much so that I have entered next years ballot and am even considering the Liverpool marathon in September. The last few weeks however I have chilled a lot, probably too much so I need to get the running shoes on and the wine and ice cream away but only once the beautiful sun has gone so could be a few weeks yet! Most of my poetry books have sold but I do have a few left if you would like to buy one. I might even have to order some more which would impress the kids at school who think I am a proper author! As well as the winner of the marathon despite telling them I came 22,000 and something!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

A beautiful walk

Yesterday we (me, Adam, Stephen and jo) walked for 7 hours in the lake district. Our route took us up the old man of coniston, on to brim fell, swirl how and finally wetherlan. We walked up to 800m and spent most of the day walking and playing in the snow! Super, sunny day and good training although my muscles ache now. So off to walk around lake coniston before a nice pub lunch. Weekends really do go too fast!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Mirror Mirror

the reflection that looked back at me today reminded me of someone,
she had sparkly, beady eyes
and now so have I...
she may have left us in body but a small part of her has flown to each of us?
I've never noticed my eyes look so blue
she's swimming inside them, looking through me now

Most of the week

Stones are rattling around in my head after a weekend away and no time to blog which is infact a good thing as I have had the space and time away from modern technology, surrounded by friends instead.


I don't feel like writing much down, just listening to the beating of my heart and remembering.....


I heard the birds, they sang their morning chorus as I sipped coffee in the kitchen. I am a lucky person to notice such things in the middle of a bustling city, am I tuning into the natural world more?


A mad dash, down the motorway but what I love is the views as we drive through Worcestershire to our waiting friends and a wonderful weekend. Friday's don't get much better.


black, jet black not a light in sight -
except the stars, someone threw glitter across the night sky -
my neck aches and my feet are cold against the stone path


on my back, I drift up the empty pool,
inside the water is warm, just like my heart
outside dusk is leaving the warm glow I feel; painted across the sky for all to see

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

end of an era

as silent falling leaves
remains of winter left in trees
the passing of a life with us
to one unknown
leaves cherished memories to us bestowed

Monday, 9 January 2012


funny how a new place can spark new passion
paints still fresh, bright light bounces off clean lines
ideas and imagination can reflect
I'm energised